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OCI aims to be the competent authority for Osteopathy in Ireland.  OCI wishes to protect Osteopathy by adhering to the highest clinical and professional European and International standards until full regulation is in place. Do you want to be a member?

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Mission & Goals

Our Mission Statement

We are the elected Council of the OCI

OCI is the public and professional authority of osteopathy in Ireland and represents Osteopathy an Autonomous Primary Health Profession with a role in the Irish Healthcare System

As elected Council members we are responsible for the administration of the OCI. We do this by overseeing the implementation of our legal and professional by-laws while upholding the three lenses of the Public, the Profession and the Practitioner

We remind ourselves of our responsibility to our members and treat all opinions inclusively

Our current goal is to achieve statutory regulation and protection of title.


Our Goals

The OCI aims to meet our main mission of Recognition through Regulation, by giving representation for the interests of the Public, Profession and the Professional.

In order to achieve this, our goals for 2013/14 are to:

  • Maintain a register of osteopaths who meet best education and practice standards that are aligned with best European standards.
  • Work to ensure these standards become accepted and applied within Irish law and Statute.
  • Represent osteopathy at National and International levels to achieve our mission.
  • Interact with and influence those involved in developing courses, policies, regulations and documents which affect or relate to osteopathy.
  • Continually update the website to support our communications policy.
  • Provide a means for contact electronically and telecommunications for any interested parties seeking support or information with regard to osteopathy via our website and phone lines.
  • Communicate in the most efficient way to update and inform our members of key information and to elicit their views.
  • Continue to develop our working relationship with the Health and Social Care Professionals Council (CORU) and the Minister for and Department of Health, through which we seek to be regulated.
  • Participate in the development of a (CEN) European Standard for Osteopathic Healthcare Provision, in conjunction with the National Standards Authority of Ireland (NSAI).
  • Provide CPD events to maintain the standards of our members, this includes developing CPD to address any issues arising from the regulatory and assessment processes.
  • Review all framework documentation and develop to launch level in Ireland, and continue to develop OCI Education & Accreditation policy, and Ethics policy, in particular.
  • Continue to attend meetings with Irish, European and International Bodies, and liaise with others to support the launch of the FORE Framework documents. We maintain our contact with other regulatory and professional bodies, including the GOsC in the UK for support.