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OCI aims to be the competent authority for Osteopathy in Ireland.  OCI wishes to protect Osteopathy by adhering to the highest clinical and professional European and International standards until full regulation is in place. Do you want to be a member?

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Looking for an Osteopath in Republic of Ireland?. Click here to find a fully registered and competent professional that is a registered OCI  Osteopath.

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Careers - Studying Osteopathy

To become a member of the OCI students must complete an honours degree in Osteopathy (with a minimum 4 years full time, or 5-6 years part-time study).

A degree course includes anatomy, physiology, pathology, general medical diagnosis, osteopathic philosophy and techniques, plus at least 1000 hours of supervised clinical tuition.

There is currently no college in Ireland offering Osteopathy training to a standard that the Osteopathic Council of Ireland would consider necessary.  People wishing to get training in Osteopathy must go to England or elsewhere.

Training in the UK

Training is also available in the United Kingdom. For a list of Osteopathy undergraduate programs available in the UK please click http://www.osteopathy.org.uk/practice/becoming-an-osteopath/training-courses/

Continuing Professional Development

Osteopaths do not stop learning after registration. It is a requirement of all osteopaths registered with the OCI to maintain and develop their skills in practice. The OCI supports members in their continual learning through offering professional development.