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OCI aims to be the competent authority for Osteopathy in Ireland.  OCI wishes to protect Osteopathy by adhering to the highest clinical and professional European and International standards until full regulation is in place. Do you want to be a member?

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The Osteopathic Council of Ireland is the governing, regulating and representative body for Osteopathy in Ireland. The council aims to promote Osteopathy in Ireland for both Osteopaths and patients by ensuring that the highest professional standards have been reached and maintained by all its accredited members. The OCI aims to meet our main mission of Recognition through Regulation, by giving representation for the interests of the Public, Profession and the Professional.

All of our members have had a minimum of four years training or equivalence in an accredited Osteopathy Course with a minimum of 1000 hours of supervised Clinical tuition prior to graduation. All of our members are committed to continuous learning and professional development so that the public can be assured of the highest standards of patient care, ethics and clinical excellence.

The Council represents Irish Osteopaths in the Forum for Osteopathic Regulation in Europe (FORE) to ensure that the codes of practice in Ireland are at the highest European standard.